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Using your full name gives more visibility to you and more credibility to the whole website. Everything else has two purposes: 1) it gives us an insight about what you are interested in and about what we can offer you in the future; 2) it gives us the possibility to send you our newsletter tailored to your interests, with a selection of new interviews, reviews and contests for scholarships. Check your profile (last box) to be sure you requested YAI's customized newsletter

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Why standardized questions?

After doing some research, we found the most frequently asked questions that students put to know everything about any experience they can choose. If you answer these questions you will allow them to compare different experiences and pick the most suited to their own dreams and goals. We highly recommend you to copy and paste these questions on a working file (using .doc in Word for example) and then to use this form to upload your answers. Contact us if you need different questions to answer.

You can write an experience only from a computer. It's not possibile to write it from mobile for now.

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