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Our values

Passion, teamwork, quality. Our greatest asset is the passion we put in our work. Getting a review for you isn’t enough: we only want the best stories, the ones that can really help you follow your dreams. Your Academic Insight wouldn’t exist without a strong team, made of people who still have a now-hard-to-find quality: the willingness to stand out from the crowd and help others do so. We are all about quality. We believe that just one review, with randomly written information is simply not enough to help you choose what and where your future could be. We want to offer you useful information so that you can choose and draw your own path. This is the only way we can really help you get what you want.

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Our goals

To motivate you to willingly shape your future. To allow you to choose your next degree or your next experiences abroad through our thoroughly-written reviews, which are directly told by students like you. You won’t need to look for other people who did the same experiences: we got you covered! To inspire you through interviews to successful professionals so that you can grasp their secrets for a brilliant career. To give you a chance to take part in important events for free, thanks to scholarships given through our contests. In order to win you will need not only a great CV, but you will also need to show us your ability to network and share experiences on social medias to spread all the useful information to everyone. If everyone shares his/her story, we will be able to choose our professional future according to our dreams.

Be part of a dream. Be part of YAI team.

If you are passionate and willing to show the world how much you’re worth, if you want to be part of a project that wants to change other people’s futures, you are in the right place! Contact us to know which positions are open!