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7 December 2014

Bocconi Students for Fashion

Bocconi Students for Fashion is a young non-profit association that mostly works in Bocconi University. Its goal is to promote the world of fashion, spreading the values connected to it. Therefore implementing activities that allow students to develop business skills, and, at the same time, a critical approach, essential requirements to work in the fashion management world.

7 December 2014


Tech@B was founded almost a year ago by a group of friends sharing the passion for technology. They felt that Bocconi community was missing what is nowadays one of the main drivers of the economy and of the development of the whole World: a technological focus.

24 November 2014

180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi Students

180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi Students is a student-based association, that has the mission to strengthen the ability of socially conscious organizations to achieve high impact social outcomes through the development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions.

23 September 2014

Bocconi Young Students Entrepreneurs

Bocconi Young Students Entrepreneurs is a young association which predominately operates within Bocconi University. Discover it!

27 July 2014

Business Operations Manager (Infinite Luxury Brand Pvt. Ltd.)

I joined Infinite Luxury Brand Pvt. Ltd. as a Business Operations Manager for the four Italian brands they brought to India (Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci and Missoni). My job profile includes coordinating with the Italian headquarters of the brands for clearing the payments, managing invoices and orders, formulating budgets for the upcoming season or year.

15 December 2013

Marketing Intern (FaceIt)

My name is Stela, I am a third-year student at Bocconi University. I completed my one month internship in the Startup FaceIt in Milan. The company is relatively young and deals with a platform for competitive online gaming.

15 November 2013

Languages Coffee Break

Hi guys! I am Erika and, being foreign languages my passion, I have come up with an idea to learn them accurately, but, at the same time, in a fun way: Languages Coffee Breaks.

3 April 2013

Law (Bocconi University)

Hello everyone! My name is Alessandra and I’m here to share my experience, hoping that those of you who are about to finish high school will find it useful: now I am a law student at Bocconi University in Milan.