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Your Academic Insight is always looking for new partners and willing to establish new partnerships that can bring advantages to both the organizations, but most of all, to YAI users.

In particular we are in search of partnerships in the education sector. Our ideal partners would be, for instance: universities, foreign language schools, organizations dealing with educational activities and wanting to show their offers.

YAI can help you achieve this object through contests. A contest can last for one or two months and the prize can be either a scholarship or discounts for your offers. The visibility provided by the contest and the promotion on the website as well as on other social networks will give high visibility to the partner and to their offers.

Companies of every sector interested in financing educational activities of highly motivated students and graduates in order to ease their entrance to the labour market.

YAI can help you get in touch with very prepared students and graduates by the creation of contest having as a price scholarships or discounts for selected educational activities. YAI will provide the sponsoring companies with the CV of the best candidates who perfectly will match with the resources sought by the company.

We are available to create other type of partnership designed to your company’s objectives.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below and our Team will contact you as soon as possible.