Your Bachelor and Master degrees abroad

10 July 2012

Domitilla attended the Royal Holloway, University of London. In this article she explains the main advantages and disadvantages of getting the degree abroad. Now she is HR Business Partner (Southeast Asia Regional Recruiter).


How I Got Into Harvard

2 January 2014

Dr. Pattberg tells us in detail how he managed to get into Harvard, whilst also giving valuable insight about the difficulties he encountered and the actvities he chose to apply to.


How to write a motivational letter

15 December 2013

Gherardo Liguori, as Founder of Your Academic Insight, gives some tips on how to draft a motivational letter according to the suggestions gathered by career services and professionals.


Exchange (Tsinghua University)

13 January 2013

I’m Eugenia, a Business Admin graduate from Bocconi. During my last year I attended a six month exchange program in Beijing, China. It was my first long experience abroad and it was for sure one of my best experiences.


Change the World Model United Nations (CWMUN)

16 October 2012

The staff of “Change the World Model United Nations (CWMUN)” presents us a simulation of the United Nations Conference organized through a collaboration between the Associazione Diplomatici and the UN Foundation and the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA USA).


Law (Bocconi University)

9 September 2012

Martina was at her first year studying Law at Bocconi University in Milan at the time she was interviewed for Academic Insight. Let’s read her story now!


International Economics (Lille Catholic University)

9 May 2014

I am a third year student of International Economics at FLSEG – Faculté Libre des Sciences Economiques et Gestion – at Lille Catholic University, in the North of France. I started to study this Bacherlor Degree in September 2011 and I will graduate in July 2014.


Information Technology (University of Newcastle)

17 April 2014

My name is Callan and the degree course I chose at the “University of Newcastle” (UoN), Australia, was the Bachelor of “Information Technology” (Digital Media and Entertainment/Software Development and Applications).


Themis vs. Exchange Program

27 August 2012

The aim of the Themis is to create a new standard of studying Business Law, responding to a growing demand for legal professionals with broad expertise and international experience. Hereby I discuss the added value of Themis program compared to other Exchange programs.


Erasmus (Erasmus University)

14 April 2014

During my Law studies at Bocconi University, I had the chance to spend a fantastic semester abroad. My destination was Erasmus University of Rotterdam, which gave me the chance both to practice a new method of study and to discover a new culture.