7 December 2014

Bocconi Students for Fashion

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What are the vision, mission and goals of the association?

Bocconi Students for Fashion is a young non-profit association that mostly works in Bocconi University.  Its goal is to promote the world of fashion,  spreading the values connected to it. Therefore implementing activities that allow students to develop business skills, and, at the same time, a critical approach, essential requirements to work in the fashion management world.

What are your activies?

We mainly organize three kind of activities:

  • Conferences: their goal is to provide theorical e technical competences linked to the fashion world. Many guests have been hosted, and several themes have been covered: from “Fashion loves Internet”, focused on the relation between the digital world and the luxury one, to “From creativity to the product”, focused on the uniqueness of the fashion product and the importance of the “Made in Italy” in the global market.
  • Events: their goal is to share activities that are more practical. Last year, for example, the students of the association, through the  “Charity Clothes Collection”, collected used clothes in order to give them to some NGOs and poor people.
  • Workshops: the objective is to teach competences linked to a specific topic, as “Lecture about quantitative questionnaires”.

How is the association structered?

The head of the association is composed by the four founders (Giovanni Germinara, Andrea Grondona, Marco Mannoni e Renato Montefusco) and the Board of Directors: Pierandrea Maglietta, Ilaria Montefusco, Madison Sikorski e Luciana Tornabene.

All these people stand over the actions of these two divisions of which the association is made of:

  • Marketing & Comunication: whose work is to promote events and conferences online, through the use of social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), and offline (flyers, posters e word-of-mouth)
  • Events & Conferences: it implies with the creation, management and implementation of conferences, workshops and informal events with experts who work in the fashion industry.

What are the incoming possibilities that are opened to a student who become part of BS4F?

Becoming part of Bocconi Students For Fashion means meeting and working with a highly motivated team that aims to do something concrete for the university. In addition, thanks to many experts and  guests we allow our members to expand their network. The association, through conferences and informal meetings, offers the students the chance to exchange different points of view with others who share the same passions and the possibility to learn to work in a team, very important requirement in every firm nowadays.

What are the selection criteria and which are the opening positions? When is your recruitment?

The recruitment, both for Italian and international students, takes place at the beginning of each academic year. The first step is to send the CV with a photo and a cover letter attached,  to our email address as.s4fashion@unibocconi.it; it will be followed up by a group assessment and an individual interview.

Who is ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate must show commitment and be willing to take challanges. We take in consideration personal abilities, such as quality brainstorming, networking and comunication skills, rather than someone with technical experience. We are looking for determined people who are able to work in team, result-oriented, and who can turn mistakes into opportunities.

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