7 December 2014


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What is Tech@B and when was it born?

Tech@B was founded almost a year ago by a group of friends sharing the passion for technology. They felt that Bocconi community was missing what is nowadays one of the main drivers of the economy and of the development of the whole World: a technological focus. The group sees technology as the means to make the future. Technology shapes every aspect of modern life: the fastest way news reach people is through Twitter, the most efficient way one can seek information is through the Internet, Tech firms are the ones creating the most innovative and groundbreaking products, thus it is crucial to be involved in the technology segment and be confident in dealing with the numerous tools provided.

What do they do?

The association currently focuses on four main topics: spreading Tech news, organization of Tech events, Coding Days and career advisory. Most of the readers will already be acquainted with the first two: weekly summary of the Top Tech news are published every Monday and draw the attention, in a very concise way, on the most up-to-date and interesting events in the Tech World. This column is followed with great interest on the most popular social networks. The first big event organized by the association, which focused on Bitcoin, counted around 300 people taking part, which increased both the interest in the association and the interest for Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general. The conference as well as Tech@B were cited by many bloggers in the days following the event.

The last two areas of focus are the most ambitious. Coding Days consists of meetings with groups of experts and enthusiasts to work with the most common coding languages and programs, Carrer Advisory instead focuses on the most interesting career opportunities, workshops, internships in the Tech sectors. With the help of professionals and older students each one can try to find its place in this exciting industry.

tech@B team

How does recruitment work?

Recruitment rounds take place every 6 months or whenever positions open up. Currently the organization has four subgroups of people channelling their effort towards each of the four different areas of focus. In this way each of them can be carried out in an efficient way and each person can focus on the area he finds more interesting. The division has been made for efficiency purposes mainly and it must be clear that, being Tech@B a group, each of the members has a say in the organization of the events carried out. For major events the group works together and the role of each member is respecified based on the needs.

Who is the ideal candidate?

In order to be a member, interest in Technology is pivotal. Each member has to propose ideas for future events as well as share, daily, news regarding new Tech products, acquisitions, projects. These ideas are then discussed together and the most interesting ones are merged in the weekly update. Members are passionate, energetic and sociable: sharing knowledge with each other and with anyone who is interested is one of the main aims of the association. Having built solid foundations, the association doesn’t preclude the inclusion of new and different areas of focus and the expansion of its activities, some of which are already under construction. Anyone who shares the interest in Technology and is willing to cooperate for its development is welcome to join the group. The association also sees with interest the community outside Bocconi that contributes to the discussions and events the group organizes.

Tech@B is a promising group of young enthusiasts on their way to shape the future… Stay tuned!

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