24 November 2014

180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi Students

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What are vision, mission and objective of the association?

180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi Students is a student-based association, that has the mission to strengthen the ability of socially conscious organizations to achieve high impact social outcomes through the development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions.

What are your activities?

180 Degrees provides high quality consulting services to non-profits, social enterprises and socially minded companies around the world. We aim to help organizations to overcome challenges they are facing so they can have the greatest possible social impact. Local management consulting firms offer professional training sessions to our consultants.

We also hold several events meetings with social entrepreneurs and experienced managers, who are willing to share their experience with students.

What’s the general organization of the association?

180DC Bocconi Students is a branch of a university-based consultancy presents in 24 countries and over 4000 consultants worldwide that it is growing constantly. Our branch has a board of directors that is in charge of negotiating projects with clients, arranging training sessions with professional consultants, communicating and sharing best practices with the headquarter and the other branches. There are different teams of university students consultants completing studies in relevant fields work throughout the year with NGOs and SMEs to identify and overcome specific challenges they are facing.

This process is mutually beneficial. NGOs and SMEs are assisted in the development of innovative, sustainable and practical solutions. At the same time, students are able to contribute to their communities, apply their university studies in a practical environment, and develop valuable life skills.

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What are the possibilities for a new entry student within 180DC Bocconi Students?

You will have a chance to make a difference working as you will work in a team and under pressure. You will be part of worldwide network of brilliant and motivated people, gaining valuable consulting experience, professional experience and make contact with interesting actors in the business.

What about recruitment?

We have two recruiting sessions: Fall (October) and Spring (February). After a first screening we will invite you for an interview. You do not need to speak Italian to be a consultant, however a high level of English is a must.

You can apply at: http://180dc.org/village/apply

Who is the ideal candidate?

Since 180 Degrees is a non-profit volunteer organization, we want people to be involved because they believe in the work we’re doing! The ideal candidate is an high-achieving person who wants to make the difference and improve the effectiveness of non-profits and social enterprises around the world. We are looking for a talented, proactive and self-motivated person with the ability to work in a team.

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