23 September 2014

Bocconi Young Students Entrepreneurs

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1.What are the mission and objective of the Association?

Bocconi Young Students Entrepreneurs is a young association which predominately operates within Bocconi University. Its primary objective is to spread entrepreneurship by organizing different types of events for all students. The association is in fact focused on involving students who have business ideas themselves and it does so by providing the them necessary tools in order to improve and refine their understanding of business and, especially, of one of the most crucial aspects, namely setting up a StartUp.

2.What are the activities promoted by the Association?

BYSE essentially organizes 3 different typologies of events:

– Technical Seminars: these are aimed at providing students with technical knowledge for running a StartUp. Typical guests would include lecturers, professional workers from the specific field, investors, lawyers and accountants. The topics discussed in the seminars include business planning, fundraising, as well as the fiscal and law side of starting a new business.

– Meetings with young entrepreneurs and startuppers: BYSE is really keen on listening to successful entrepreneurial stories, especially to what were the overcome hardships. Nevertheless, such events are also to be seen as an emotional and educational experience.

– Pitch: these are public presentations of startup ideas. Whoever wants to participate can receive some advice and look for potential colleagues wishing to take part in the specific project.

Last but not least, BYSE works very closely to consultancy firms that could help with professional expertise whomever would like to do business.


3.How is the internal organization of the Association?

Three are the main figures composing the board of the association: a President, a Vice-President and other Executives. These same figures supervise three different teams each of which works for specific events (from their organization to their conclusion) and is constituted by an Event Manager, who is responsible for the event and works closely with the university, a Social Media Manager, who promotes the event, and a Public Relations Manager, who creates ties with both the faculty and the guests of the events. Furthermore, there are three more figures: a Junior Consultant, a Designer and a Team Builder.

And, of course, BYSE counts many supporters participating to the events and following  the association through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin.

4.What are the opportunities for a new entry student in BYSE?

There are plenty of opportunities. First of all, whoever is willing to join the Association needs to be really motivated to work in a team that operates in an ambitious way aiming at concretely contributing to the university. Secondly, students will be able to strengthen ties with guests and lecturers, which could go beyond the university itself. This being said, BYSE believe that team spirit is something crucial in today’s business world and it can only be developed day by day through hands-on experience.

5.What about recruitment?

The recruitment process is performed at the beginning of every semester. Currently, from the 16th to the 28th of September, there are several positions open: Event Manager, Social Media Manager, Public Relations Manager, Designer, Team Builder and Junior Consultant. The application entails sending the personal CV (with photo) and motivational letter to our email address recruitment@byse.it. This step will be followed by a group assessment and individual interview. We are opening recruitment for international students in the next phase, at the beginning of 2015.

6.Who is the ideal candidate?

What BYSE is looking for are really motivated and committed people. Since the tasks to be performed do not require any specific knowledge (except for Junior Consultant position), what is crucial is that our students are able to do networking and to be versatile. As already stated, people need to be great team players, ambitious and, most importantly, respectful of deadlines. The time and work required for the Association is not too much, although it is necessary to be very well-organized in order to manage to successfully carry out all the different tasks.

For more info you can follow BYSE on Facebook and Twitter or email it (info@byse.it)!

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