14 August 2014

International Business Administration (Hult International Business School)

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Why did you choose this Bachelor? Why in this University?

Hult creates a big international atmosphere with peers of 140 different nationalities. It not only provides us an American program in London, but also the expertise of professors who have already worked in the business world. Even the professors come from different places in the world with different work experiences. Hult furthermore allows its students to be very independent and choose their own way to finish the 4-year program. Furthermore, Hult is ranked as one of the top business schools in the world by the Financial Times and the Economist. Hult promotes also the networking of their students and invites important business people to come to talk to its students. There are also many opportunities to study abroad with Hult or even move abroad to other campuses.

I chose the Degree of International Business Administration because it gives you a good basis in the business world and gives you a wide variety of choices for Undergraduate Programs and Master Degrees. Furthermore, I have always been intrigued with the organisation and management of enterprises and imagined myself entering this hectic world full of surprises. Therefore I find it important to study it on this global level so that you are prepared for many different changes in your life and more knowledgeable about the different cultures associated to enterprises. Hult provides its students with small classes where the students are able to interact continuously with the professors and learn from each other.

How was the study plan structured?

The academic program is divided in 3 trimesters over 4 years of time. Since it is an American Business School you are allowed to choose your own schedule and combine it in the way you like it with mandatory and compulsory classes. After you completed 2 years (60 credits) you will have to choose one of the concentrations; Finance, Management, Marketing or General Business which includes its own set of mandatory classes to complete the degree. Every class takes about 2 hours and is twice a week. Most teachers give midterms and final written exams. Throughout these courses you often are required to do a group or individual project.
You’ll be evaluated in the American grade system which is usually curved on the highest grade of the class (GPA and ABC). I love the fact that I transferred credits from my high school in the beginning of my first year which gave me the possibility to finish 2 years in one year time.

The professors provide both theories and through projects they also provide practical experiences. Once during my Principles of Management class (by Prof. Georgio Georgiades) we were instructed under the topic of communication to work in a group of four, where two students acted accoring to one culture and the other two according to another culture, all students had to try and close a business deal with one another. This was one of the best practical experiences I had during my time at Hult. These practical experiences are not only fun but also instructive.

With another professor (Prof. Stephen Humphrey) in the class of Principles of Marketing, he continuously kept on asking what the difference was between branding and a brand. In the end all the students threw different definitions at him, and at the very end he combines various correct definitions of the students in his class to eventually give us the official definition. This shows how interactive the classes are at Hult and how much we can actually learn from our fellow students.

Could you tell us more about your personal experience at university and whether anything could be improved in your degree course?

At Hult International Business School the students are allowed to create their own societies. With these societies the students are able to boost their CV, skills and networking possibilities. Furthermore there are enough sports clubs and clubs which organise events which are more related to other subjects which the courses are not able to provide; such as fashion, law or journalism. Hult also promotes to study abroad through study tours and rotation, which lets its students move to different campuses on the world with the opportunity to still study the same things as in their home campus.

There are also career services at Hult who help the students to boost their CV, improve their Linkedin profile and help the students prepare for interviews for internships. Hult even recognizes internships and gives their students credits. Lastly, Hult provides a lot of networking opportunities for its students and the best part of becoming a student of Hult is Welcome Week where you get to know all the fellow students through organised events and activities.

Were you content with the environment outside university?

London is a fantastic place to live in. It has such a global vibe and nobody is bothered by each other’s culture or religious background. I usually prefer to go clubbing or to pubs and always meet new people there in different places of London. You can even meet people just going to a concert or to a restaurant. London is full of surprises and events and it would be a shame to not go out in town when you live there. I even love going to the markets such as Borough Market and Portobello Road Market because of all the people and deals that you can found around these places. London is always full of surprises and that’s why it is important to always have a smartphone with the application Citymapper, Bandsintown and TimeOut to get around London without getting lost and to get the fullest out of the few/many years that you are going to live there.

What would you suggest to those who are willing to start a similar path?

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