27 July 2014

Business Operations Manager (Infinite Luxury Brand Pvt. Ltd.)

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Which is the path that led you to reach your current position?

A deep interest in the field of luxury business along with good education, hard work, networking and a constant intent of learning are few of the many factors that led me to reach my desired position. I pursued Masters in Fashion Business form London College of Fashion and an MSc. In Luxury and Fashion Management from SKEMA, france.

How did you get interested in your current professional field?

At a very early age I realized that my choice of career will be a creative one. Through a bit of self-analyzing activities and a lot of help from my parents I joined an undergrad in Fashion Design. Soon after my second year of studying the subject I got interested into business side of the industry.

Which are the greatest satisfactions that your job is giving you?

The greatest satisfaction one can have is doing what you love the most, that way your work doesn’t become a burden at all but rather an interest that you make your living out of. That is exactly the satisfaction my work gives me. Remember that nothing is perfect and you can only reach that stage after a lot of hit and trial methods, the key is to never give up!

A big success and a great challenge you will never forget?

Everyday is a challenge through which you learn something new constantly. One cannot achieve success without facing challenges and learning to handle them.

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Could you describe your usual day at work?

My day starts around 10 a.m. with checking emails from the previous evening and a cup of steaming hot coffee. Since I have to wait for the Italian Headquarters to open, I use the time difference by creating my to-do list for the day, replying to e-mails, getting my paper work ready and following up on previous day’s tasks. My work officially finishes at 6 p.m. but I keep working from home till required.

How many languages can you speak and which are the most important ones in your professional field?

Besides my mother tongue i.e. Hindi, being an Indian, English is my first language as well. Besides these I have a fair understanding of Spanish and French. Since I work with Italians on a daily basis, I am now catching up on some Italian as well.

What would you suggest to those students who are about to graduate and would like to undertake your career?

I would suggest, that one should take any opportunity you get in this field, even if you don’t enjoy the work profile initially, there is a lot of scope to learn and ultimately achieve what you would want to pursue in the long run. It is a highly competitive industry where all your regular business dynamics crumble so the best way is to start from learning the basics.

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