18 July 2014

University of Salerno Model of United Nations (UNISAMUN)

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Why do you choose this program?

Because I think that UNISAMUN is one of the most amusing Mun and because of the program itself that includes funny activities and visits to the wonderful city of Salerno. The Conference is such a last goodbye to Summer and Salerno is always sunny with his wonderful beach and promenade. Really the experience that we need before starting our courses in October.

What does it entail?

A Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of international organizations, like the United Nations, or of intergovernmental bodies like the European Union, where university students take on the role of diplomats, representing a country different from their own. A hundred participants, selected online through the Association’s website, will take part at the UNISAMUN 2014 Conference.

How is the program set out?

The general theme: “Strengthening multilateral cooperation in the era of globalization” will be discussed in sub-topics within the following UN and EU organs and committees:

– United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

– Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

– Food and Agriculture Organization Council (FAO Council)

– Council of the European Union (CEU)

– The Salerno Correspondent, the Conference’s magazine

Who can participate?

University students from 18 to 30 years old.

How do you apply?

Applications are now open through the UNISAMUN website.

How much are the fees?

Only 140€ for accommodation (6 nights), breakfast included, 5 lunches (one each day of the Conference), ten Coffee breaks (two each day of the Conference, three social events (sunday afternoon, monday night, friday night), free city tour in the historical center, Daily pick-up from the Hotel / Hostel to the university of Salerno with private bus, participation in the conference and a welcome package and materials of conference and certificate of participation.


From 29th September to 3 rd October 2014.

Pros & cons of this experience?

The main goal of such educational approach is to allow participants to familiarize with the United Nations and European Union mechanisms, looking for possible solutions to global problems and researching on the culture, economy and political positions of third countries.The UNISAMUN Conference will be held entirely in English and it will enjoy the support of “MUN Academy”, the network of Italian MUNs, which also organizes the MILMUN Conference at Bocconi University in Milan and the ALMAMUN Conference at the University of Bologna. It is a great opportunity to improve your English and  to meet people from other countries and from other realities.

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