9 September 2012

Law (Bocconi University)

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Let’s start introducing myself! I’m Martina Cassari, 19 years old, I was born in Italy, not far from Venice. Nope, I don’t own a “gondola”, if that’s what you were thinking

When did I decide to study law?

Well, I always wanted to be a doctor, my dad is an orthopedic and he always had a positive influence on me and since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to wear a whitecoat. Now I would rather wear it to clean a famous legal studio in London than to wear it in an hospital. I always believed that fate decides our future, but if people work hard they can overcome any difficulty, but I might have to rethink it: indeed, I didn’t pass the test to get into medical school. Law shool wasn’t my “slappy second” but a second choice and, without being a false modest, I always thought I had personality and a strong determination to handle this study program so I enrolled at Bocconi, in particular because I was interested in its peculiarity: the economic approach to law. Actually, it is similar to “Harry Potter with the bound”, you don’t pick your college, the college chooses you. I tried the Bocconi Talent Scout in January, I spent three days in Milan, took some classes, convinced myself that it was a good place and I passed the test.

I have two sisters, one is two years older and one is two years younger. I’m the one in the middle!

Nope, I wasn’t adopted! Laura (on the right) is about to start a Master of Science at Bocconi (Accounting, Finance and Control). She always talked to me about her experience positively and this helped me a lot with my final decision. Francesca (on the left) is about to graduate and she will try to get into Bocconi next year. I’d say “we love Bocconi enough!”. Let’s hope we can all be together next year so we can live together once again. Well let’s skip this too sweet moment that I’m not used to and let’s get to the main point.

I moved to Milan at the end of August, Bocconi starts pretty early and I needed some time to set things up. Through Facebook I already got in touch with some people and in those days I got the opportunity to meet new friends. Many older students organize during the first week a lot of meetings, dinners, nights out to give everyone the chance to not be alone on their first days in class. During my first lesson I already knew who I wanted to chill with. It’s not true that in this college everyone thinks “I’m the best”. I met people that were thousand times humbler than me, I met girls dressed up with Chanel and dressed up with OVS with the same group of friends, I met guys that were willing to put my problems before theirs. Than yes, there was this girl that couldn’t stop herself from posting her grade as a status on Facebook. I talked to people that don’t look at you but at your hand wondering why you don’t have a Rolex. But the world is beautiful because we are all different and we can learn from everybody. From the guy with the rolex for example I learnt that you can have an expensive watch but time is going to pass in the same way for everybody. And Time in Bocconi is money!

Indeed in Bocconi Time is everything: six weeks of lessons, two for doing part of exams, six weeks of lessons, two for final exams, winter holidays. Six weeks of lessons, two for doing part of exams, six weeks of lessons, two for final exams, summer holidays. For five years. Our college thinks that is best for you to graduate on time so you have strict timelines. Anyway, don’t get anxious, in your first year you will learn how to organize your timetable! During my first semester I organized mostly nights out but the second semester I had a study plan and I did all I had to.  Even though it is hard you can still have a social life. I went out with a group of 15 friends during the year and together we tried every single restaurant and club of Milan, and, of course, we studied many hours in the library! Two of the girls in my group were from Sardinia so with four other friends we went to visit them this summer for holidays.

If i could go back in time I would do so much more during my first year. A negative aspect of Bocconi is that we don’t have a proper advertising and explanation on students organizations, stage opportunities, erasmus and competitions. Lucky us, from this last June, Gherardo launched Academic Insight, day by day university experiences being reviewed are increasing, pros & cons included, without forgetting to mention the presence of scholarships. If you have one you would like to know about and it’s not been included yet, simply ask!

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